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About Navigate

Programme Overview

  • Pre-event – August 1st
  • Day One - August 8th
  • Day Two – August 15th
  • Day Three- August 22nd
  • Day Four – August 29th
  • Day Five – Grand Finale
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The Navigate Conference is the Elevation Church’s (TEC) annual conference organized to make spiritual, emotional and mental investments in the teenage demography, teaching them life and vocational skills. The programme is designed to address the developmental gap within the teenage community. The conference addresses key issues like self-concept/esteem, leadership, nation building and personal & group productivity in addition to skill development sessions that give participants the opportunity to learn a new skill.

The Theme of the year’s conference is Stand. As Ephesian 6:13b (TLB) says “So use every piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy when he attacks, and when it is all over you will be standing up” The global pandemic has been a major disruptor for teenagers this season as with every other person; disrupting schoolwork and keeping them at home for an extended period. Navigate 2020 is focused on helping teenagers

  • Stand out where their peers are compromising
  • Stand out tall to represent Jesus and not be ashamed
  • Stand firm in their faith that things will get better

Vocational Skills:

The TED-Ed Clubs program supports students in discovering, researching, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. Each club also receives TED-Ed's flexible public speaking curriculum and opportunities to connect with a global network of passionate youth about ideas worth sharing. It helps participants develop:
  • -Critical thinking
  • -Presentation skills
  • -Build confidence and creativity
  • -Public speaking skills
  • -Skills in discussion and listening
  • -Learn to support their ideas through research and get confident in making presentations.
  • -Focused on getting students to share their ideas
  • -Connecting with a global network of students
Students have the opportunity to give their own ted talk and uploaded on Ted Ed's award winning platform where it can be referenced on a resume, college application and share with participating clubs around the world."
A short formulation class of Natural /Organic Products and it's importance...
Fundamentals of Cake Making and Decoration: An introduction to the Art and Science of Baking
Introduction to digital photography / phone photography and Imaging Using Adobe photoshop Light Room
"The Teenpreneur course is a beginner class in business and entrepreneurship facilitated by algoRITHM.afr, a business club and knowledge accelerator for teenagers and young people. Participants will acquire skills and develop capacity to spot business opportunities, understand the science of making money, running successful ventures, and selling their ideas. Teenagers will also learn how to balance their various interests and responsibilities – school, home chores, leisure and business. It is an inclusive course that also equips teenagers who may not feel naturally inclined to entrepreneurship with critical skills for intrapreneurship and success in the world of work. As a bonus, algoRITHM.afr will offer free club subscription till December 2020 to the delegates that register and participate in the Teenpreneur course at Navigate. Benefits of club membership include free pass to attend the advanced session of the Teenpreneur course in November 2020, attend live sessions with youngish entrepreneurs and professionals, and benefit from the diagnostic/consultancy network of algoRITHM.afr."
The French 101 course is an introductory class that provides learners with an appreciation of the French language. By the end of the 4 week session, participants will gain knowledge and importance of French language and culture, be able to introduce themselves and others to strangers, and have basic conversation in French language. The course gives a good foundation to further immersion in French language and culture.
A progressive piano course on scales, chords, harmony and few piano techniques.
This is an introductory course on Film Production. The course is designed to go through the important stages of film production, workflow, tools, and skills required to produce a standard Film.
The content/creative writing programme will be tailored towards how teenagers can write effectively and creatively irrespective of the genre of their choice.
Story creations, expression and Acting.
Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing and how to build a social media strategy.